Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pictoswap - A new kind of art exchange

So What Is Pictoswap?

It's a whole new kind of art exchange. Unlike traditional digital art sites like Deviant Art that only do direct commissions from buyer to artist, the main feature of Pictoswap is that art requests can be sent to a universal requestboard where any artist can accept an art request. 

For the Buyer:

        No longer will your art commissions be limited by your connections - Pictoswap provides a refreshing new platform to connect Artists with Buyers. By providing an open access messageboard with all open Art requests, those requests can be accepted by any Artist on the site. What does this mean for you? By letting the Artist choose only the projects they would most enjoy, it improves the interaction for both parties resulting in better work, for a price you can afford. Direct artist commissions are available as well, allowing you to first offer the job to the artist of your choice before opening it up to the entire market of Artists The request system features everything you need to get exactly the artwork you want. Using reference art, skill requisites, and a description, artists can quickly determine if they want to accept the art request.

For the Artist:

        Pictoswap is also a great platform for Artists to streamline commissions into steady income. The problem with traditional art commissions as an Artist, is your dependence on Buyer requests. A very small percentage of artists in online art communities today have enough of a following for a steady supply of art commissions. Because of this, many online artists, despite their artistic ability, have been missing out on the opportunity to earn money for creating the art they love. On Pictoswap, art requests are sent to a universal message board accessible to ALL artists on the site. What does this mean for you? The amount of projects you can take on is virtually UNLIMITED, and better yet, so is the money you can make.

To stay in the loop on all things Pictoswap, sign up for the Mailing List (on ) to be the first to hear about all news and updates, and early access before the launch. Below are some early concept screenshots.


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